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1. Cineport

 CinePort is a WAP portal about movies. In this portal, there is a solution for people who want to access information about movies from their mobile phones. This WAP portal is device independent and supports many types of the mobile phones. When a user wants to know what’s playing now or what’s going to be shown next week, the user doesn’t need to use a computer. Instead, the user can easily browse to WAP portal with his/her mobile-phone. This WAP portal will allow users to look up breaking news about movies, movie stars, which movies are playing now and/or which movies are playing next week or later. Also, cineport is enable users to search for movies. Some features of the portal is only available after registration. When the user finds a movie, he/she can easily comment on the movie after signing in to the system. The portal has an alerting system which is using e-mail. This system sends upcoming movies to users. Registered users (portal members), will be able to comment and rate movies depending on their interests. An alerting system is available to the registered users and they also have the advanced search option.

 CinePort WAP portal is my senior design project. J2EE components (Spring Framework), Hibernate and Volantis is used at the project.