I would like to begin by introducing myself. I borned in İstanbul. I completed my high school and university education in Istanbul. I graduated from university as a computer engineer in 2009 June. I did my Military Service in Isparta Eğirdir Mountain Commando School. I was sub-lieutenant and lieutenant in Ağrı Eleşkirt 2nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion. I’m working in Information Technologies (IT) since 21th December 2010. I’ve graduate from MBA (Master of Business Administration) in June 2014. I’m married also father of 1 daughter and 1 son.

     I wrote the first version of this website before going to the army in the summer of 2009. After the courses in university, it was my hobby to make web programming with PHP. Some people are curious, they ask for the templates and codes. I wrote the all codes by myself. That's why it's not a public template (so I can't share).

     I'm an active twitter user. There is a twitter widget at the below side of home page. You may listen my favourite songs at the my playlist section. I will rate movies and tv series which I like. I'm planning to use those pages active. At the university projects page, you may inform the projects and assignments which I made in the past. However you may ask everything via the contact me.